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A plan to really start accelerating electrification

Cortexo and Our Energy are committed to action that results in the electricity system and market being able to meet the challenges and opportunities of accelerated electrification. This is the last of ten articles, broken into two series of five, that[...]

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How our service helps retailers

Customer Engagement

Use the Cortexo Platform to connect with your customers using our proven engagement content and channels, helping them to better manage their energy usage, and be in control of their energy bill.

Plant Performance & Demand Response

Help your large business customers understand how their plant is performing, in conjunction with price signals and/or automated demand response you can help deliver tangible financial improvements in energy management.

Energy Efficiency

Offer targeted advice and solutions to your customers to help them reduce energy usage in ways most beneficial to them.

How retailers can benefit from our service

  • Reduced churn
  • Increased likelyhood to recommend
  • Reduction in bill debt
  • Realtime information on plant consumption and costs
  • Integration with wholesale market data
  • Wholesale price alerts and automated actions

  • Seeing their energy bill in comparison with others
  • Identify unusual usage patterns immediately rather than the end of the month.
  • Reducting the monthly feedback cycle from months to days down to a few minutes.

How our service helps consumers

Residential / SME

Cortexo provides consumers with up to date and relevant information about their energy usage, helping them to make smarter decisions about their power use.
These decisions help them save money, use energy more efficiently, and reduce their impact on the environment.


Want to understand your usage and how your plant is performing?

Use the Cortexo platform to automate and improve energy efficiency using market signals and energy data to deliver tangible financial improvements in energy management and efficiency.


Cortexo helps businesses know more about their energy consumption. Large organisations can compare energy usage across branches and use customised metrics to identify unusual usage patterns.

Participation in demand reduction events earns revenue while reducing the peak load on the power grid.

How consumers can benefit from our service

  • Increased visibility of consumption and costs
  • Understand your usage and costs
  • Have comfort in knowing you are on the cheapest plan
  • Find any “power vampires”
  • Understand whether you are getting the payback on the solar unit that you budgeted for.
  • Integrated engineering data

  • Comparisons across branches or other metrics
  • Use pricing signals to stop and start intelligently.
  • Receive payments for avoided cost of transmission (ACOT) or participating in demand response
  • Alerting on unusual conditions
  • Automated demand reduction

How our service helps distributors


Reduce your call center costs by using Cortexo services to keep your customers in the loop when an outage affects their supply. Identify isolated network faults quickly by allowing your customers to respond to alerts with confirmations or continued supply problems.

Smart meters

Smart meters allow you to provide your customers with retailer independant. consumption information.

More current and relevant information about their energy use helps them make smarter decisions about their use of power. These decisions help them save money, achieve more efficient use of the network and have less impact on the environment.

Demand response

Cortexo increases the visibility of high demand periods on your network by providing digital services to your customers.

Customer engagement

Distribution companies are hidden from their customers because of the customers relationship with their Retailer.
This lack of transparency makes it difficult to communicate information on pricing methodologies or new services directly to the customer

How distributors can benefit from our service

  • Outage maps and affected areas
  • Intelligent fault alerting
  • Confirmed service restoration via responses
  • Reduced churn
  • Increased likelihood to recommend
  • Reduction in bill debt
  • Reduce costs by running appliances at cheaper times
  • Smooth the peaks in network demand
  • Earn revenue by participating in events from the System System Operator
  • Clearly show how distribution charges are calculated for their property
  • Explain complex pricing methodologies like capacity pricing
  • Show how saving can be made by avoiding consumption in peak periods
  • Promote new products and services directly to an engaged consumer

How our service helps generators

Plant performance

With real-time monitoring and alerting on plant performance data Cortexo’s machine management tools give you visibility of potential problems before they interrupt your business.

All our tools are based on our secure web platform giving you access and control via your mobile device or web browser.

Optimise cash flow

Use our platform to automate when you generate and optimise cash flow

How generators can benefit from our service

  • Monitor your plant performance from an engineering perspective
  • Remotely update settings
  • Get alerted when a preset “event” occurs
  • Access detailed data around events and failures
  • Ensure you are generating at times of high wholesale price.
  • Optimise avoided cost of transmission (ACOT) payments
  • Participate in transmission & distribution demand response (DR) programs

How our service helps manufacturers

Internet of things

Cortexo monitors and controls plant machinery, appliances, and devices – from the factory or office, to a residential home.
Manufacturers who enable their devices and appliances for the Internet of Things can gain significant advantages from Cortexo Service Platform.

Monitor and control

Cortexo provides a monitoring and control service so you can be notified of defects during the warranty or offer extended warranty services.

How manufacturers can benefit from our service

  • Integrate your product into an energy management service using standard protocols
  • Allow remote control and management by the consumer

  • Monitor engineering variables
  • Be alerted when limits are exceeded
  • Compare performance across multiple devices