A flexible system is a cheaper system

Very surprised, shocked, and somewhat embarrassed (as well as very chuffed) to have received the Sustainable Energy Association of NZ (SEANZ) award for the “Industry Person of 2021” at last nights awards dinner in Hamilton. Thanks also to Fronius for sponsoring the SEANZ awards.

I think there are lots of “industry people” like me who are advocating for a more rapid response to the Climate Change Commission report on the need for electrification of transport and process heat. To achieve this we need

  1. Clear policy leadership to coordinate the transition and hold everyone
  2. A long term view which focuses on the things which set the critical
  3. Being inclusive and making sure all voices are heard, particularly the
    people the whole thing is designed for.
  4. Learn by doing, using pilots and trials to find what works.

Cortexo is focused on the solutions necessary to integrate distributed energy resources (DER) with existing electricity networks. We need to allow the flexibility available from the thousands of different DER owners (flexibility owners), or organisations that can “group” that flexibility together (flexibility service providers – the old school term is aggregator), to easily make that available to distribution and transmission network companies (flexibility users) who can utilise those resources for different services. That DER value stack, projected by Transpower to be $650,000,000 in 2035 (I think it will be more), will reward the flexibility owners and service providers for their investment and availability. The flexibility users (networks) will be rewarded by the deferred cost associated with traditional network reinforcement options as well as access to network stability services.

We are excited about Cortexo’s grid edge energy platform utilising international open connectivity standards like openADR and IEEE2030.5 being part of achieving those goals.

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