Automated Data Access

We connect individual consumption data sources with service providers while respecting and complying with privacy requirements.
Access to electricity consumption data is essential to enable more efficient use, optimise energy services and allow transparency of load.

New Zealand electricity market

Cortexo provides services to obtain consumer consumption data at each ICP (Installation Control Point) in the New Zealand electricity market using the processes outlined in the Electricity Participation Code. 

Cortexo is approved by the New Zealand electricity regulator to request consumer consumption data using the industry messaging system for direct access to electricity retailers.

Data is stored in the Cortexo Energy Portal and available visually through the application or via API calls or data extracts.

Privacy and security

Cortexo provides two separate cloud services to collect electricity consumption data for individual ICP’s (installation control points) in accordance with the procedures contained in the New Zealand  Privacy Act and Electricity Participation Code.

Access services

The first service provides a mechanism for the consumer to enter account details for each ICP and then digitally sign an authorisation in the form prescribed in the Electricity Participation Code. Completing the authorisation automatically requests data from the electricity retailer using the mandatory EIEP (Electronic Information Exchange Protocol) formats.

The second service passes EIEP requests via the electricity industry messaging system to the relevant electricity trader and receives back a consumption data file. The data file is validated and then imported into the Cortexo Energy Portal for display, analysis, and connection to other systems.

The New Zealand Ministry of Education uses Cortexo to manage energy consumption data for all its schools in New Zealand.

Case Study

The Ministry of Education uses energy consumption information for a number of reasons including the Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP) Reporting.

Cortexo assists the Ministry by automating the collection and management of supplier information for all fuel types and for requesting, validating and storing data where it is available. 

Using the process prescribed in the Electricity Participation Code, Cortexo requests electricity consumption data regularly for all schools and makes it available from its secure energy portal to enable reporting and other planning activities.

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