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Meeting the proposed carbon budgets will require heavy lifting by the electricity system and market

Meeting the carbon budgets proposed by the Climate Commission requires a fit-for-purpose electricity system and market able to cope with the heavy lifting required for …

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Hey Minister, the new electricity market is ‘shovel ready’

We shouldn’t hobble the future by looking for solutions based on the past. It’s abundantly clear Covid-19 has changed the economic landscape immensely. As we …

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What I learnt at ‘All-Energy Australia’

Last week (23/24 October) I attended All-Energy AU in Melbourne. I’ve been attending this conference for several years, and this year I have to say …

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Tomorrows Grid today

PV, batteries & EV’s as IoT devices The following is an abstract submitted for a conference at the end of the year So we put …

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The (inevitable) democratisation of the electricity consumer.

In the not too distant future, it will be the endpoints of the electricity grid (consumers/prosumers) that manage the supply, balance the load, maintain the …

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Have you heard of Electricity Distribution Businesses?

The electricity sector is changing pretty rapidly and for an industry that thinks building a dam in 15 yrs is ‘rapid’, its probably a bit …

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