Project Flexviz, a practical tool, is a shop window for availability flexibility in New Zealand.

Flexviz acts as a bridge between flexibility suppliers (owners or operators of distributed energy resources) who want to offer their flexibility to the electricity ecosystem for some reward and transmission and distribution utilities who want to access distributed flexibility as a more efficient tool for network optimisation and growth.

Flexibility Suppliers provide the data in near real-time

Distributed flexibility data is provided by flexibility suppliers, the large and small owners or operators of distributed energy resources at multiple or individual sites. The only requirement is that the site supply data every 5 minutes, showing the amount of flexibility available and the amount of energy being supplied to your site that is not being drawn from the electricity distribution network (avoided import).

Flexviz uses OpenADR’s reporting capabilities to show the amount of flexibility available at every grid exit point (GXP) on the New Zealand transmission network. Cortexo provides its certified OpenADR-compliant FlexSplice Hub (VTN) and FlexSplice Edge (VEN) software for project Flexviz, but any certified OpenADR VEN can be used to deliver data.

If you own or operate distributed energy resources and have some flexibility available, contact us to connect to the Flexviz platform.

FlexViz Graph Total Reported Flexibility
Transmission and Distribution utilities access the data.

Transmission and distribution utilities can access the Flexviz platform by contacting us to gain access to the OpenADR VTN (Virtual Top Node), which displays all the GXP flexibility data.

The visual display shows flexibility at selected GXPs over the last 48 hours in 5-minute increments. It also shows the ‘avoided import’ at any GXP. A distribution utility can filter to its own network GXPs to focus specifically on its area of interest.

If the transmission or distribution utility wants more detailed information or a more granular view of flexibility at specific assets, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Flexviz was made possible with the support of Ara Ake.

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