How our service helps consumers

Residential / SME

Cortexo provides consumers with up to date and relevant information about their energy usage, helping them to make smarter decisions about their power use.
These decisions help them save money, use energy more efficiently, and reduce their impact on the environment.


Want to understand your usage and how your plant is performing?

Use the Cortexo platform to automate and improve energy efficiency using market signals and energy data to deliver tangible financial improvements in energy management and efficiency.


Cortexo helps businesses know more about their energy consumption. Large organisations can compare energy usage across branches and use customised metrics to identify unusual usage patterns.

Participation in demand reduction events earns revenue while reducing the peak load on the power grid.

How consumers can benefit from our service

  • Increased visibility of consumption and costs
  • Understand your usage and costs
  • Have comfort in knowing you are on the cheapest plan
  • Find any “power vampires”
  • Understand whether you are getting the payback on the solar unit that you budgeted for.
  • Integrated engineering data

  • Comparisons across branches or other metrics
  • Use pricing signals to stop and start intelligently.
  • Receive payments for avoided cost of transmission (ACOT) or participating in demand response
  • Alerting on unusual conditions
  • Automated demand reduction