How our service helps retailers

Customer Engagement

Use the Cortexo Platform to connect with your customers using our proven engagement content and channels, helping them to better manage their energy usage, and be in control of their energy bill.

Plant Performance & Demand Response

Help your large business customers understand how their plant is performing, in conjunction with price signals and/or automated demand response you can help deliver tangible financial improvements in energy management.

Energy Efficiency

Offer targeted advice and solutions to your customers to help them reduce energy usage in ways most beneficial to them.

How retailers can benefit from our service

  • Reduced churn
  • Increased likelyhood to recommend
  • Reduction in bill debt
  • Realtime information on plant consumption and costs
  • Integration with wholesale market data
  • Wholesale price alerts and automated actions

  • Seeing their energy bill in comparison with others
  • Identify unusual usage patterns immediately rather than the end of the month.
  • Reducting the monthly feedback cycle from months to days down to a few minutes.