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Many of our customers have told us how Cortexo’s MyEnergy portal has made a real difference in their homes by allowing them to understand how they use electricity. This has enabled them to change their behaviour, save money and contribute to a better energy future.

We invited our customers to share their stories of how MyEnergy helped them.

Here are some of our favorites.

“Giving me the power (back)”

 I can see how electricity usage changes throughout the day, the week and the year.  It enables me to make informed decisions on when to run appliances (using timers) and when to take advantage of nature’s contribution.  For e.g. seeing how much energy our tumble dryer uses I now use the MetService website to see when a good drying day is and delay my washing until then.

“Pocketing the difference”

I have a budget for daily electricity usage that changes according to the seasons.  Every day my daughters check what we have used because they get to split the amount of usage under the allowance.  So if the allowance is ten dollars and we use five they each pocket $2.50.  This is bus money on a daily basis but it adds up.  So over a month when we continue this usage pattern they might have eighty dollars each to split.   That comes to nearly $500 a year – a nice smart phone, a weekend away or nice extra clothes.  My goal was to have the girls learn how to manage resources and your service has enabled this to happen.  The girls have learned a valuable skill and the benefits of budgeting.  I stay in budget all the time. And all of this automatically without having to have “discussions” about wasting energy.

“Work to live not live to work”

 As a family that enjoys spending more time doing things together than working to pay large power bills this is excellent because this has enabled us to keep track of our power usage and know what we are spending so we can budget which is fantastic.  We are more cautious about how often we use the clothes dryer and we have changed all the lights I our home to energy saver bulbs as well as installing a heatpump which will make a big difference. So from my family to yours thank you very much for making all our lives a bit easier and hassle free.

“Budgeting my electricity”

 From the daily information I receive I can see the spikes and troughs of the energy I’m using which is really informative.  I can see my average daily usage and question anything that doesn’t fit the pattern. The information is so good I can tell when the wife and kids have used the shower and easily tell if they were at home or out!!!!