Program 02: DYNAMIC

The Dynamic program is generally used for unplanned demand management events in the immediate future. In Advance and Dynamic programs use the same signals and are differentiated by the market context. The concept of the Dynamic program is to indicate to the flexibility supplier that this event is in the near future (typically hours) and the details of the event time and payload will probably not change, although they could.

Programme Detail:

  • Location: Network-wide or geo-targetted.
  • Event Active Period*: Minimum 30 minutes.
  • Load change required: Specified by EDB.
  • Timing (start time, end time): Specified by EDB.
  • Event ID: Provides a link to any pre-event notification.
  • Event notification: Provided at least 7 days in advance.
  • Dispatch instruction confirming details of an event is provided 24 hours in advance. Confirmation message required from Flexibility Supplier 12 hours in advance.

*Note. Event Active Period refers to the period of time during which a change in the load profile is being requested as part of a DF event (definition from OpenADR programme guide).

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