Program 02: Dynamic (Short term) Non Price Responsive

Program Definition

  • The EDB procures, in near real-time the ability to secure a pre-agreed change in capacity to reduce the impact of an unplanned event.
  • Based on long-term contracts, which include detail such as availability, utilisation, and penalty fees. The EDB acts without being influenced by price.
  • Typically used for an unplanned event.
  • It may be deployed last minute if the “in advance price responsive programme” is not actioned or doesn’t provide to the need.

Programme Detail:

  • Location: Network-wide or geo-targetted.
  • Event Active Period: Minimum 30 minutes.
  • Load change required: Specified by EDB.
  • Timing (start time, end time): Specified by EDB.
  • Event ID:.

Pre-event notification: No pre-event notification will occur. The Dispatch Instruction will occur in near real-time. For the purpose of the trial, a 2-hour warning period will be provided with a confirmation message required within 1 hour of receiving the Dispatch instruction.

Event Flow

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