Project Flextalk Overview

Throughout the course of the FlexTalk pilot, the following programs were designed and tested alongside industry users. They remain as options for participants to leverage in their own application of OpenADR.

FlexTalk is an industry initiative to evaluate the processes that need to be in place to apply the OpenADR 2.0 (2.0a and or 2.0b) communication protocol to achieve actively managed charging of EVs, enabling flexibility services to be utilised in the New Zealand electricity sector.

The Electricity Engineers’ Association (EEA) leads FlexTalk in partnership with industry and Te Tari Tiaki Pungao / the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

Cortexo’s role in Flextalk is as a ‘technical lead’ company providing the knowledge and technology to implement the technical solution.

For more information on Flextalk, see the information on the EEA website.

The following programs are being implemented as messages between the Flexibility User (EDB) and the Flexibility Supplier (EV Charge Company).

Currently defined demand management programs:

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Project Particpants

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