Commercial Services

Commercial customers

Our tools enable you to manage any number of sites, from 1 to 1000+

Consumption/Cost Information

For commercial customers, the Cortexo Service Platform offers a hierarchical structure allowing larger organisations to view a top level (aggregated all branches in the entire country for example) or drill into regions or individual branches. Log in security allows for the user to only see the area or branch they are allowed to see.

For energy managers, showing exceptions around electricity consumption per square meter of floor space in each branch can lead to the identification of significant waste and its associated cost.

Automated DR

Cortexo helps energy companies take a more active role in demand side management. Technology development is providing creative solutions to the need for cleaner and more efficient energy, and consumers are demanding better ways to meet their energy needs, while lessening the impact on the environment.

Taking part in demand reduction (DR) events signalled by the system operator benefits both parties by reducing the peak capacity required while earning revenue.

Remote Control

Our platform gives the the flexibility to control your premises or machinery through either scheduling on/off times and letting the Cortexo platform do the work or if you prefer the security of manual control you can do this yourself from the comfort of your web browser or mobile phone.

Price Signals

Cortexo’s smart energy technology allows commercial enterprises to control assets based on the current price of electricity. Using the real time price and 24 hour pricing forecast from the electricity trading market, Cortexo can help the enterprise react to market conditions and take advantage of low pricing or reduce demand to limit exposure to high prices.

Exception Reporting

For large customers there may sorting through large volumes of data rapidly becomes impossible. To address this we support generating alerts when an exceptional event occurs.

Cortexos platform supports alerting over email, SMS or mobile for a standard set of conditions, any customer specific requirements can be easily integrated.