Distribution Services

Distribution customers

Cortexos distributor offering allows you to build a relationship with customers on your network and communicate quickly and directly when problems occur.

Consumption / Cost Information

Cortexos fully branded product offering can stand alone or seamlessly integrate into your existing consumer portal. We can provide a number of skins so you can target different customer groups e.g. small business, residential, rural customers.

The Smart Energy Portal is an online portal that gives your customers access to their energy consumption data in language they can understand.

Automated Demand Reduction

Cortexo helps companies take a more active role in demand side management. Technology development is providing creative solutions to the need for cleaner and more efficient energy, and consumers are demanding better ways to meet their energy needs, while lessening the impact on the environment.

Events can be added to the system to have action taken in the case of network stress or commercial arrangements can also be supported where parties are compensated for reducing demand.

Outages (Faults, Planned)

In the event of a fault with supply Cortexos platform can improve your communication to your customers and improve the visibility of any issues.

Events or planned outages can be plotted on a map and proactively sent to customers via mobile app, text or email where required reducing call centre demand and improving service for genuinely unexpected issues.

Price Signals

High demand periods can be signalled to customers letting them know when voluntary demand reduction will be of most benefit.

Price Signals

Cortexo’s smart energy technology allows industrial machinery users to control their machinery based on current price of electricity. Using the real time price and 24 hour pricing forecast from the electricity trading market, Cortexo can run machines at the cheapest times while ensuring that the required production or output for that machine is met.

Exception Reporting (Expenditure, consumption, plant)

Get alerts via mobile app, text or email when something happens that you want to know about. This might be when something happens to your plant or when a particular cost, consumption or power export boundary is crossed.

Notifications of upcoming price changes, moves between brackets or other one time events are also possible.