Industrial Services

Industrial customers

Our powerful suite of tools enables you to get better visibility of your plant and energy consumption. Automation support based on price signals or other data sources makes sure your plant runs at peak efficiency.

Consumption / Cost information

Cortexo are experts in complex monitoring and work with a range of industrial energy users to use information to improve energy efficiency. Increasing the visibility of your energy costs using the Cortexo platform allows you to run your plant in the most energy efficient manner.

Performance Data

Cortexo’s internet-based monitoring software helps improve machine performance and efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, enhance installation processes, and reduce warranty issues and costs.

It enables manufacturers and their distributors, installers and end users to know more about how their machines are performing – no matter where they or their devices are located.

Automated Demand Reduction

Cortexo helps companies take a more active role in demand side management. This is important because the energy landscape is changing rapidly. Participating in demand management events allows you to earn money by reducing load in peak times. Taking part in demand reduction (DR) events signalled by the system operator benefits both parties by reducing the peak capacity required while earning revenue.

Remote Control

Our platform gives the the flexibility to control your machinery through either scheduling on/off times and letting the Cortexo platform do the work or if you prefer the security of manual control you can do this yourself from the comfort of you web browser or mobile phone.

Price Signals

Cortexo’s smart energy technology allows industrial machinery users to control their machinery based on current price of electricity. Using the real time price and 24 hour pricing forecast from the electricity trading market, Cortexo can run machines at the cheapest times while ensuring that the required production or output for that machine is met.

Exception Reporting

Get alerts via mobile app, text or email when something happens that you want to know about. This might be when something happens to your plant or when a particular cost or consumption boundary is crossed.