Resi/SME Services

Residential/SME customers

Take control of your power bill using Cortexos energy platform.

Consumption/Cost Information

Use our energy reports and we’ll send you information you need to know each day or each week – you choose. Notice something you want to investigate further, log into our energy portal and drill down into more detail.

Prefer to use your mobile – download our app that give you everything you need to manage your energy usage.

Key features include:

  • Track your monthly/daily/hourly energy usage
  • Predict this months energy bill
  • Compare your usage to your neighbours
  • Understand what you can do to reduce your energy usage
  • Compare your usage across all retailer pricing plans
  • Do you generate energy or have solar hot water? understand what savingsyou are making and if your payback period is on on track
  • Use our plug and play devices and get real-time information on your usage and what appliances are using the most energy.

Automated Demand Reduction

You can choose to participate in demand reduction events and make a difference both to your power bill and the environment. By allowing Cortexo to control specific appliances we can aggregate your demand with many other customers and as a group make a difference to the amount of electricity required on the grid. This benefits the the system operator though reduced transmission requirements while participants get paid for the demand reduction made available.

Remote Control

Through the use of controllable smart plugs you can control your “dumb” appliances from the comfort of your web browser. Use automatic control to run appliances when your power prices are the cheapest and see the savings or take manual control and switch on and off as needed.

Exception Reporting

Set budgets up for a month or a day to stay on top of your usage and get alerts when the your approaching your limit and eliminate the shock when your power bill arrives in the mail.

If you prefer a more hands off approach you can set and forget different budgets for each season.