Retailer Services

Retail customers

Cortexos Energy Platform offers an easily integrated way for Retailers to provide their customers with cost and consumption on a daily basis.

Using simple and easy to understand tools we make it easy for customers to make sure there power bill is under control

Consumption / Cost Data

E-mailed energy reports are sent weekly or daily, enabling the consumer to be informed about how much electricity they are spending each day/week. The Smart Energy Portal is an online portal that gives your customers access to their energy consumption data in language they can understand.

A fully branded product offering, it can stand alone or seamlessly integrate into your existing consumer portal.

As the Cortexo Service retail offering is part of a unified service that offers commercial and industrial control options, it is easy to integrate machine performance data or integration with the wholesale market for you large commercial or industrial customers.

Cortexo can enable your customers to take a more active role in demand side management. Technology development is providing creative solutions to the need for cleaner and more efficient energy, and consumers are demanding better ways to meet their energy needs, while lessening the impact on the environment.

Taking part in demand reduction (DR) events signalled by the system operator benefits both parties by reducing the peak capacity required while earning revenue.

In the event of a fault with supply Cortexos platform can improve your communication to your customers and improve the visibility of any issues.

Events or planned outages can be plotted on a map and prospectively sent to customers via mobile app, text or email where required reducing call centre demand and improving service for genuinely unexpected issues.

The Cortexo platform has open support for integrating any number of third party smart controllable devices, including smart appliance connections.

These devices can then be made available via Cortexos secure web platform allowing the customer to control their devices via their web browser or smart phone.

Signals can be sent out to customers when high demand periods are active or time boundaries are crossed on the customers pricing plan allowing them to take voluntary steps to reduce their demand.