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Built on a robust platform whose origin was in remote monitoring and control of industrial machinery (a SCADA platform), the Cortexo Energy Platform can remotely monitor devices and appliances and control them to tie in with offered time of use or “smart plans”.

Cortexo works directly with device and appliance manufacturers such as Fisher & Paykel, Schneider Electric, Current Cost, Smart Now and Effergy to integrate their products into the service and is continually looking for more devices that will make home energy management of more value to

The core platform comes complete with modules for alerting (text message, email), scheduling of regular operations like reports or data imports and updates, reporting, monitoring & controlof real time devices, API access, charting, data analysis, data input and agregation.

The service offered by Cortexo (The Cortexo Service) is based on Cortexo’s Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform, an Internet cloud based remote monitoring & control application designed to handle hundred of thousands of devices communicating and sending data, be they smart meters, appliances, devices or industrial machinery.

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