Cortexo Certified OpenADR® Products

OpenADR® provides a framework for the interoperable and standardised communication of demand management signals. It defines the messages, data models, and communication protocols to facilitate the automatic response to electricity grid needs. The OpenADR® Alliance, a nonprofit consortium of stakeholders, oversees the development, adoption, and compliance of the OpenADR® standard to ensure its effectiveness and broad acceptance in the market.

OpenADR® products must be certified to guarantee interoperability by completing a testing process against conformance rules in the OpenADR® standard. Testing is carried out worldwide by approved test houses. Cortexo’s OpenADR® products completed testing at a certified test house in the USA in early 2024.

OpenADR and the OpenADR Logo are trademarks owned by OpenADR Alliance.

Cortexo FlexSplice Hub and Edge Flowchart

FlexSplice Hub (VTN)

FlexSplice Hub is a Virtual Top Node that includes additional flexibility management tools and reporting functionality.

The uses of FlexSplice Hub will typically be Transmission or Distribution utilities, flexibility suppliers (aggregators) or sites (buildings or campuses) that manage a portfolio of separate energy resources.

FlexSplice Hub is provided as a secure cloud service with a GUI access tool, an event database and a reporting database and full API access. Although any demand management program can be created via the API and GUI, the GUI comes preconfigured with the seven programs designed by New Zealand EDBs and trialled in the Flextalk project.

FlexSplice Edge (VEN)

Flexsplice Edge is a Virtual End Node with additional flexibility management tools and reporting functionality.

The users of FlexSplice Edge will typically be flexibility suppliers, either aggregators or flexibility owners like building or campus management systems.

FlexSplice Edge is provided as a secure cloud service with a GUI access tool, an event database, a reporting database, and full API access. If the flexibility supplier interacts with multiple flexibility users, such as electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) or transmission businesses, the cloud service and API access provide a single point of connection to multiple associated VENs.

Product Accreditation

Cortexo FlexSplice Hub products are Open ADR 2.0b Certified

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