Internet of Things (IoT) Services

We connect thousands of data devices to central systems for monitoring and control.

Cortexo’s secure and scalable IoT platform connects near real-time data streams to enable decisions to be made around performance and optimisation.

Cortexo’s IoT capability is at the heart of its energy platform. Whether the data is from energy meters or electricity transformers the energy platform can receive near real-time streams of data and analyse it, react with alerting or send control signals to adjust aspects of the process.

Cortexo’s IoT platform does not only work in the energy sector but can provide IoT services in other industries the need to remotely collect and process near real-time data.

Examples of IoT services currently provided by the Cortexo’s IoT platform are;

Low Voltage (LV) network Monitoring
Cortexo provides monitoring and control of LV monitoring devices supplied by WMAC Cloud data analytics. These devices are used by a number of electricity distribution companies in New Zealand.

Vehicle tracking
Cortexo assists iDefigo to provides vehicle tracking utilising image recognition through sites in the UK, USA & Europe. Images are processed from hundreds of cameras to enable everything from regulatory enforcement by local councils to optimisation of commercial vehicle movements.

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