The Dynamic Operating Envelope program alerts the flexibility supplier to import and export limits for the network at a particular asset point. The event will contain multiple time periods (intervals) to represent peak, shoulder, of-peak or at the extreme, trading periods typically defined over a 24-hour period.

Note. The detail of Programme 6 has not been developed. We will revisit this programme during Part B.​

A signal is sent to the Flexibility Supplier to maintain the load in a geographical area, or an overall load on the local distribution substation, to below a specified limit. The load control system of the Flexibility Supplier is then responsible for managing the individual loads (such as EVs) within each installation so that the aggregate load at the distribution substation (or geographical area) is maintained within a certain limit.

This may be static if the load setpoint is constant or,

Dynamic, varying during the day because of other external conditions.

The setpoint is controlled by the EDB, but the actual management of the loads and how the net outcome is achieved is up to the DERMS of the Flexibility Supplier.

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