Program 04: Price Responsive Bid

Program Definition

  • The EDB provides offers to Flexibility Suppliers specifying the amount they will pay for different levels of capacity. This programme is procured at short notice to provide market and system support.​
  • Procured at short notice i.e. day ahead.​​

Programme Detail:

  • Location: Network-wide.​
  • Event Active Period: Minimum 30 minutes.​
  • Load change required: Specified by EDB.​
  • Timing (start time, end time): Specified ​by EDB.
  • Event ID.

Price offer message: Provided at least 12 hours in advance. The price offer message might expire within an hour of receiving it.​

Dispatch instruction confirming details of an event is provided at least 30 minutes in advance. ​

The Flexibility Supplier does not have the ability to opt out once the Dispatch Instruction has been issued.​

Event Flow

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