Program 05: Price Responsive Discovery

Program Definition

  • The EDB requests, ahead of time, bids to be put forward by the Flexibility Supplier detailing the load reduction they can offer at a specified price.
  • The EDB procures while arranging an in-advance service request.​

Programme Detail:

The Price Discovery Message will include a maximum price.​

  • Location: Network-wide or geo-targeted.​
  • Event Active Period: Minimum 30 minutes.​
  • Load change required: Specified by EDB.​
  • Timing (start time, end time): Specified ​by EDB.
  • Event ID: Provides a link to any pre-event notification.​

Offer message will include an ‘offer window open’ / ‘offer window closed’ period.​

Price Discovery Message: At least 48 hours in advance.​

Dispatch instruction confirming details of an event is provided 24 hours in advance, and confirmation is required by the Flexibility Supplier 12 hours in advance.​

Event Flow

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